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Did you know that almost 31 million days of work were lost last year due to back, neck and muscle problems, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). So while we always recommend our clients seek medical advice for any such problems, the team at All Over Beauty are experts at relieving stress and tension that can make these conditions so much worse, and a warming soothing massage could be just what you need. 
With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the perfect treat for you or a loved one so allow me to remind you of some of our fantastic massages and what each entails.  Firstly there is a full body massage which focuses on each area of the body in turn working on areas of tension and relaxing the muscles.  A back massage is a concentrated alternative which can help reduce the signs of stress in tense upper and lower backs, and includes work on the neck too.  For a fragrant addition, why not choose aromatherapy which harnesses the therapeutic powers of essential oils to calm or uplift, relax or rejuvenate…it’s your choice. Hot stone therapy massage uses basalt stones which are gently warmed to create balance in the body, and a warming deep tissue massage that simply feels sublime.
And just before I go, may I just mention that it’s less than 90 days until Christmas so keep an eye out in the salon and via the next newsletter for our fabulous Early Bird offers for those of you that are festively organised.

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