Eyebrow Shape   £12.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint   £21.00
Eyebrow Tint  £12.00
Eyelash Tint   £16.00
Eyelash and Brow Tint   £23.00
(An allergy test is required 24 hours before tinting)
Brows By Mii, Defined by You  £26.00

Brows tailored perfectly to suit each client. This treatment combines waxing, tinting and finishing to deliver beautiful results.

Nouveau Individual Eyelash Extensions

This professional treatment uses silk lashes that are naturally curved and bonded to your individual lashes. Using a variety of lengths and thicknesses, a full set is built creating the illusion of longer, fuller and more defined lashes to frame your eyes.

Full set including soak off existing set (2 Hours) £71.00
Full set, no soak off (1½ Hours) £65.00
Full set including soak off and Eyelash Tint (2½ Hours) £83.00
Full set including Eyelash Tint, no soak (2 Hours) £77.00
Nouveau Lash Maintenance 
20 mins  £17.00
30 mins  £25.00
45 mins  £35.00
1 hour - £45.00

* For clients with allergies, a patch test will be required at least 24 hours prior to lash application.

** Not all lashes are suitable for lash extensions. A consultation is recommended prior to application.

Express Lash Treatment

Fast application of silk lashes creates length, curl and fullness to your existing lashes making them perfect for proms, weddings, parties and special occasions. Designed to last 2 weeks, removal is free and will ensure no damage to your own lashes

Full set including soak off existing set (45-60 Minutes) £41.00
Full set, no soak off (30-45 Minutes) £35.00
Full set including soak off existing set and Eyelash Tint (1-1½ Hours) £53.00
Full set and Eyelash Tint, no soak off (1 Hour) £47.00
Professional Removal (15 minutes)  £6.00


Guinot Eye Logic

This specialised treatment visibly rejuvenates the eye contour area, eliminating signs of fatigue, puffiness and wrinkles.  Using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands-on massage and a specially designed eye mask for maximum effectiveness, wrinkles and fine lines are dimished and smoothed away.

Eye Treatment Vouchers

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